21 Best White T-Shirts for Women 2024, Reviewed by Editors

Theoretically, the best white T-shirts should be the easiest item to buy: You can find them at every price point (from fast fashion to luxury), at every retailer (from Amazon to Uniqlo), and in every silhouette (fitted, slouchy, crewneck, scoop, and so on). And yet it’s increasingly difficult to cut through all the noise to find that one T-shirt that feels tailor-made for you, that you instinctively reach for when you’re getting dressed in the morning, that you buy in bulk because you wear it so often that it’s just better to shop that way.

Our top picks

Like your trusty black leggings, white sneakers, and tank tops, these tees are true wardrobe staples. They’re seasonless, pulling just as much weight whether they’re front and center in your spring outfits or just barely peeking out from under your cold-weather knits. Crisp, weighty T-shirts will always look great beneath blazers or tucked into denim; slouchier, lighter options will never fail to make you appear and feel more relaxed. You can’t do without at least a few in your dresser.

To help you through the process of finding the perfect white tee, we went ahead and gathered 30 of our favorite T-shirts for women that Glamour editors and reviewers reach for every day. From vintage-inspired picks that rival your treasured hand-me-downs to (not see-through) V-necks that only get better with each wash, these are the best white T-shirts available right now.

What to look for

  • Material: There’s no one best material for white T-shirts, but wrinkle-resistant and breathable cotton is certainly the most popular. Modal (a shrink- and pill-resistant fiber made from wood) can extend the lifespan of your shirt. Spandex and elastane, meanwhile, add stretch to ensure a comfy fit. Any fabric can be see-through, depending on its weight, so make sure to read reviews if you’re not shopping in person (or take Glamour editors’ words for it).
  • Sizing: Tons of brands still offer only the basic XS to XL size range, but there are seemingly more size-inclusive options available now than ever before. Brands like Madewell and Universal Standard cater to a wide variety of body types—from 4XS to 4XL—and plus-size-focused retailers like Torrid also have incredible extended sizing.
  • Design: Few pieces of clothing are as simple as a white tee, but each brand puts its own spin on the wardrobe essential. Experiment with different silhouettes, which range from skintight baby tees to oversized T-shirts (both of which are trendy right now). Also consider which length works best for you, whether it’s a crop that exposes the waistband of your jeans or a lower hem that’s great for tucking into pants.

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