3 Reasons to Book Business Class — and How to Do It

It’s no secret that business class is more expensive than economy. The normal price for business-class airfare to Europe is $4,500 and up, according to travel deal site Going. There are ways to get a much better deal, but still, most people aren’t flying business class often because of the cost involved.

While you may not book business class tickets every time you fly, there are a few situations where it can be well worth it. Here are the best reasons to consider flying business class, and how you can get your ticket for far less than the normal price.

1. You’re going on your honeymoon

Business class is perfect for special occasions, and there are few better examples than going on your honeymoon.

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You’ll start off your trip in an airport lounge, not a noisy boarding area. You’ll have a much more comfortable seat, and you and your new spouse can toast your honeymoon with in-flight champagne. If, like many newlyweds, you want a luxurious experience on your honeymoon, flying business class is a good decision.

2. It’s a long trip and you want to arrive well rested

There’s a reason some companies pay for employees to travel in business class on long flights. They need employees to arrive ready to work, and they won’t be if they just spent 10 hours getting sporadic bits of sleep in a cramped economy seat.

If you’re hoping to rest on your flight, that’s much more likely in business class. Some people can sleep fine in economy, and it’s certainly possible to make an economy seat more comfortable. But for most travelers, a seat in business class makes a huge difference. It’s the only way I’ve been able to get decent sleep on a plane.

3. You don’t travel often and you want to make it special

The biggest downside of flying business class is that it’s hard to go back to economy. You get used to the comfort and the higher level of service.

This can be tough if you’re a frequent flyer. There’s a good chance you’ll want to book business class every time you travel, and that gets expensive. If you only travel once in a blue moon, it’s not as much of an issue. You can splurge on occasion, and when you don’t travel often, why not make the most of it?

How to book business class without paying a fortune

Even when you have a great reason to book business class, you still need to be able to afford it. Most travelers don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on every flight. Don’t worry — there are a few ways to fly this way without spending nearly that much.

Get a travel rewards card

Cash isn’t the only way to pay for airfare. You can also book with miles, and this makes business class much more accessible. It’s often possible to book roundtrip business-class tickets for 60,000 to 120,000 miles.

The fastest way to earn miles is with travel credit cards. If you normally travel with the same airline, then you could open one of its airline credit cards. But if you want the flexibility to book with a larger number of airlines, look for a card with transferable travel rewards. You can transfer your rewards to several airline partners if you have a card in any of these rewards programs:

Sign up for a flight deals service

There are plenty of business-class deals available. One of the easiest ways to learn about them is through a flight deals subscription. Two of the most popular are Going and Dollar Flight Club.

These services find cheap flights for you departing from your home airport. They each have free plans, although you need to sign up for a premium plan for access to their best deals, including business-class tickets. Even after paying a membership fee, you could save quite a bit with one of these services if you travel often.

Be flexible with your travel plans

If you want to pay less for airfare, it always helps to be flexible with your travel dates. That’s especially true with business-class airfare, since there are fewer seats available and they’re in higher demand.

Try to at least be open about the day and time that you fly. Flights may cost half as much if you don’t mind moving your travel date by one or two days or flying at a different time. Most flight booking sites and airlines have calendar tools that allow you to compare prices on different dates.

Travelers usually don’t need to book business class, but doing so can be a fun upgrade. Now that you know a few ways to book it at a lower cost, you can start planning, get a credit card that earns travel rewards, and figure out when you want to give business class a try.

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