4 Great Reasons for New Parents to Get a Costco Membership

Every extra dollar you spend adds up, so looking for opportunities to save money is wise, since living costs keep rising. If you’re a new parent or will soon become one, you may be looking for more ways to keep your spending in check. 

Joining a warehouse club like Costco can be a great way to access great deals on household essentials and items for your entire family. I’ll outline several reasons new parents should consider investing in a Costco membership. 

1. Get a good deal on baby supplies 

Caring for a baby is hard work — and it also costs a lot of money. Baby supplies like diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, and formula are expensive, and purchasing these items can quickly drain your checking account balance. 

However, a Costco membership can help you stock up on necessary baby supplies without breaking your budget. The retailer sells name-brand essentials like Huggies diapers, Desitin diaper rash cream, and Similac formula at great prices. Costco also sells more budget-friendly essentials from its own Kirkland brand. 

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2. Save money on nursery essentials

You can also save money as you prepare your nursery for your new bundle of joy. The warehouse club sells furniture like cribs, changing tables, and swivel and rocking chairs, which are perfect for your nursery. You can feel confident buying furniture and other costly items from Costco because the retailer has a generous return policy. If your new furniture doesn’t work well for your needs, you can return it and get a refund. 

3. Buy discounted appliances to make your life easier

You can also purchase discounted appliances that improve your life. Some examples include air fryers, pressure cookers, and blenders. As you care for your child, you’ll need to maximize your time as much as possible. These appliances and tools can help you free up extra time. 

4. Save money and time with prepared meals 

It’s difficult to find time to cook when you’re busy managing all the everyday tasks that come with being a new parent. Purchasing already-made meals is a great way to stay fed while you settle into parenthood. You’ll save time and feel less stressed. 

Costco sells various prepared meals at a great price. Some examples include chicken street tacos, mac and cheese, Mediterranean orzo pasta salad, and chicken alfredo with penne pasta. You can also get a great deal on rotisserie chickens, which offer a versatile way to prepare quick meals for lunch or dinner. 

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