5 Things Aldi Does Better Than Nearly Any Grocery Store

If you’re like most shoppers, you’ve been visiting different grocery stores lately in search of the best prices. Aldi is only one of my family’s favorite places for budget-friendly grocery shopping, but there are many reasons why shoppers love it.

If you like saving money, efficient grocery runs, and access to fun merchandise, Aldi may be just the store for you. Here are five things the grocery store does better than its rivals.

The contrast between Aldi and the grocery stores with wine bars couldn’t be more stark. Many items on the Aldi shelves are still in the cardboard boxes they’re shipped in. No one bags your groceries for you or offers to walk your shopping cart out to the car (yes, many Publix locations still do this).

But Aldi’s simplicity and limited selection make for an efficient shopping experience. I’ve been able to breeze through the store, quickly selecting what I need without having to spend much time mulling over nearly identical food options. Who needs 15 different versions of cookies or 50 cereal options, anyway?

2. You save money without effort

Food prices are 25% higher now than in 2019, which means that finding good deals in the grocery store is more important than ever. While some of Aldi’s prices have increased, too, they’re still much cheaper, on average, than at other stores.

A review of prices by The Ascent last year found that prices on Aldi items in the Los Angeles area were 10% cheaper than at Walmart. While Aldi has weekly sales, the store’s everyday low prices mean you don’t have to hunt for deals to save money.

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3. Organic foods are cheaper

Organic food prices are often more expensive than the non-organic options. But at Aldi, you can usually find low prices, even for organic foods.

For example, I found a 16-ounce jar of organic salsa for $2.65 at my local Aldi, compared to a similar jar at Publix for $3.87. My local Aldi also sells one pound of organic, grass-fed beef for $5.49, compared to $6.28 at Walmart.

4. Aldi took the lead in moving away from plastic bags

Avid Aldi shoppers know they need to bring their reusable bags with them when they go shopping. That’s because Aldi was the first major U.S. retailer to eliminate the thin plastic bags often used in grocery stores.

The company estimates that its decision to ditch the bags keeps an estimated 4,400 tons of plastic out of circulation annually.

5. The merchandise aisle is a pleasant surprise

There’s one aisle in Aldi that’s different from the rest. Its official name is Aldi Finds, but shoppers endearingly call it the “aisle of shame.” It’s filled with a rotating assortment of items that are available for a limited time.

You may go one week and find brightly colored Aldi-branded flip-flops and, the following week, some potted plants. Two years ago, a $13 wrap dress from the aisle went viral after it became a huge hit with shoppers.

Shopping at Aldi might not be the best choice for everyone. If you like having a lot of options for products and don’t like using a quarter each time you retrieve a shopping cart, Aldi may not be the best place for you. But Aldi is hard to beat if you want great deals and an efficient shopping experience — which is why it’s garnered a loyal following among shoppers.

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