All The Emily Henry Books Being Turned Into Movies And Shows

With Emily Henry’s books flying off the shelves as fast as she can write them, it’s no wonder Hollywood wants in. Her sweet and funny romance novels are already a hit with readers, and everyone’s hoping they’ll grab movie and TV audiences as well.

The prolific author has multiple page-to-screen projects in development, likely with more to come. Here’s what’s in the works:

Funny Story

On July 9, 2024, Variety reported that Henry herself will write a screenplay adaptation of Funny Story for Lyrical Media and Ryder Picture Company. The article described the best-selling novel as “a shimmering, joyful tale about a pair of opposites with the wrong thing in common,” a complicated love triangle-squared about best friends and exes in a picturesque lakeside town.

People We Meet on Vacation

Fellow novelist Yulin Kuang will pen the screenplay for a film adaptation to be directed by Brett Haley (Hearts Beat Loud, Looking For Alaska), per Deadline. The story follows polar opposite best friends who reunite every summer for one week of vacation.

Think One Day, but not sad.

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Book Lovers

Pun intended, it’s an enemies-to-lovers plot about two workaholic publishing execs and its being adapted into a film by Tango. There’s a theory that the adaptation may star Paul Mescal and Ayo Edebiri. Not a bad idea at all.

Beach Read

Unless this is the one Paul and Ayo are in? Beach Read is another love story, this time about a romance author, and Yulin Kuang will both write and direct the feature film adaptation.

“It’s so different than I would have thought to approach it. It feels like a big swing, which I am all about because I think the worst thing that a movie can be is boring and mediocre. If we’re doing this, let’s really go for it,” Emily Henry told Variety of the screenplay. “Yulin is working on the the next draft now, and it should be ready to do more with very soon. It feels really different and special.”

Happy Place

Henry’s 2023 novel is the only one thus far to be landing on the small screen. The book landed a series deal at Netflix, to be produced by Jennifer Lopez.

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