Analysts Bullish on New VR Crypto 5th Scape as it Nears $6M at Presale

The crypto market is rebounding from a two-month-long consolidation period, and the new virtual reality (VR) project 5th Scape is thriving as its presale nears the $6 million total raised mark.

VR is a fast-paced and emerging field, spearheaded by industry titans like Apple with its Apple Vision Pro and Oculus with its Meta Quest 3.

However, 5th Scape is vying to become the decentralized counterpart to these giants, developing its own proprietary VR headsets and gaming chairs.

5th Scape provides exposure to two budding industries

With AI cryptocurrencies booming this year, it is common knowledge that projects with exposure to an emerging field can be highly lucrative.

This is likely the reason for 5th Scape’s early buzz, with the project at the intersection of virtual reality and gaming.

According to its website, the 5th Scape will “unlock the limitless potential of the virtual realm.”

The project will harness VR and AR technology to revolutionize gaming, aiming to deliver hyper-realistic experiences, from “adrenaline-pumping battles to precision archery, high-speed racing, and immersive sports.”

The exciting thing about this use case is that both VR and gaming are emerging and rapidly growing fields, presenting massive upside potential for the new cryptocurrency.

Data from Grand View Research predicts that the VR market will experience a 26.9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2023 and 2030.

The report highlights that VR penetrates industries beyond gaming and entertainment, including instructional training. This is something that the 5th Scape whitepaper touches on, citing VR education as another ecosystem pillar.

That said, 5th Scape’s gaming exposure also looks promising. The industry is anticipated to reach $583 million in annual revenue by 2030, equating to a 13.4% CAGR.

Analysts favor $5SCAPE for major gains after IEO

Top industry analysts and media outlets have noted 5th Scape’s potential and deemed it one of crypto’s most promising new projects.

Micheal Wrubel, a prominent YouTuber with over 300K subscribers, has covered the 5th Scape presale in two videos. In the most recent one, Wrubel provided numerous reasons he is bullish on the project, including its exposure to hot narratives and robust tokenomics.

Meanwhile, low-cap trader Crypto Boy is also bullish and speculates that 5th Scape could 100x after its exchange launch.

Leading media outlets have rallied behind the new presale, too. These include industry heavyweights like Cointelegraph, Crypto Daily, and Techopedia.

While 5th Scape’s early success and analyst support present an optimistic outlook for its IEO, its token utility and robust tokenomics could stand it for long-term success.

Inherent utility and robust tokenomics hint that 5th Scape is more than just hype

Central to the 5th Scape ecosystem is the $5SCAPE token. This will be used to transfer value and reward holders.

Benefits include lifetime access to the 5th Scape ecosystem, exclusive in-game advantages, early access and community interaction, and capital appreciation potential.

As such, $5SCAPE is the cost of entry to the 5th Scape ecosystem, aligning its demand with the platform’s success.

80% of $5SCAPE tokens are earmarked for the presale, 10% for treasury and ecosystem development, and 10% for exchange liquidity.

The current 5th Scape price is $0.00327, but this will rise incrementally throughout the presale. Its exchange listing will begin at $0.01, a 205% increase from today’s price.

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