Bill Hader Announces: ‘Ali Wong Is Off the Market!’

Are Bill Hader and Ali Wong campaigning to be the cutest celebrity couple or what? After officially coming out as together at the 2024 Golden Globes in January, Wong introduced audiences to “my boyfriend” on stage and the end of her last set in Los Angeles, per People.

On May 12, Wong asked attendees, “Do you know who my boyfriend is? Do you want to meet him?” Which cued Hader himself to walk on stage, carrying a single red rose (which hilariously broke in half as soon as he handed it to Wong), and kiss his girlfriend. Hader joked that the performance, which included some stories about Wong’s love life, had made for a, “very informative evening.” He ended by telling the crowd, “Ali Wong is off the market!”

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Wong had teased the surprise appearance on her Instagram, writing in the caption, “If u wanna celebrate the evening of Mother’s Day w/ me at @thewiltern in Los Angeles, there’s gonna be a little surprise that night 💋 .”

This is probably the most public that Bill Hader and Ali Wong have been with their romance since it officially began sometime in the spring of 2023. “We’re very selectively private,” Wong told Access Hollywood ahead of the Emmys in January. “I mean we’ve been together for a minute, so it’s like I guess people didn’t know were together, but it’s just also like, we’re both like in our 40’s and parents, so yeah.”

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