Blake Lively Takes a Break From Trolling Ryan Reynolds to Thirst After Him in the Comments

The world’s favorite Couple Who Posts, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, is at it again. This time with less trolling and more thirsting.

On July 2, Hugh Jackman posted a BTS pic of a flexing, white tank wearing, smirking Reynolds in a hotel room. Jackman lightly roasted his Deadpool & Wolverine costar in the caption, writing, “’You want me to put this away?’ — Ryan Reynolds, co-star, mouth breather, asshole.”

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Instead of joining in with a sick burn of her own in the comments, Lively chimed in with simple appreciation for her husband’s hotness. “My thirst has been trapped,” she commented. Reynolds himself kept the joke going, commenting, “This photo is from my private collection. How dare you?”

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds rarely shy away from an opportunity to lightly troll one another on social media, so this is actually a pretty sweet interaction. Reynolds has joked that he’s “pretty sure” his wife is the one writing the explicit Deadpool fan requests he gets. Lively has teasingly compared her husband to Burt Reynolds. Reynolds once cropped Lively’s face out of a photo in his happy birthday post dedicated to her as a gag. Not to be outdone, on Reynolds’ birthday, Lively posted a picture of Ryan Gosling. More recently, while Lively was at the Super Bowl with Taylor Swift, Reynolds posted a picture of himself watching the Deadpool trailer with the caption, “Has everyone seen the #Deadpool trailer? Also has anyone seen my wife?” Lively responded with a photo of herself in front of the same TV, watching the same trailer, and wrote, “Honey I’m home. My day was good. Yours?”

But sometimes, the world just needs to know that you still find your spouse incredibly hot.

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