Cat Meme Coins Trend as cat in a dogs world, Book of Meow Pump – Will This Token Surge Next?

Cats are having their moment in the wild world of meme coins.

A couple of quirky tokens, cat in a dogs world (MEOW) and Book of Meow (BOMEOW), have taken the market by storm this week with blistering rallies.

But while traders scramble to get involved with these “cat coins,” a different animal-themed project is quietly building hype – Slothana (SLOTH).

cat in a dogs world Rallies 459% in Just 4 Days

When it comes to this week’s cat craze, cat in a dogs world has been leading the charge.

Launched last week on March 27, this no-utility, cat-themed token took the Solana ecosystem by storm in a way few could have predicted.

Within four days of being listed on Raydium, MEOW had already rallied by 459% to reach an all-time high of $0.010.

At its peak, the token had an eye-watering $867 million market cap – territory usually reserved for only the most established cryptos.

MEOW’s rise caught the eye of major exchanges, with the token scoring listings on platforms like and HTX.

While MEOW has seen some ups and downs since that peak, it has pumped another 22% in the last 12 hours and now sits at $0.0070.

Fueled by over $200 million in spot trading volumes, MEOW has become the 57th most traded crypto in the world.

Book of Meow Rides Cat Coin Hype with 315% Price Pump

Hot on MEOW’s heels is another cat-themed token, Book of Meow, which is quickly rising through the ranks.

As its name implies, BOMEOW pays homage to the extremely successful Book of Meme (BOME) token that captured investors’ attention just a few weeks ago.

Like most meme coins, BOMEOW offers no real utility.

However, the project’s creators are attempting to create an ecosystem beyond just the token itself.

They’ve already launched an NFT collection featuring beloved meme cats, with plans to roll out a staking application and NFT marketplace down the line.

Whether these add-ons gain traction remains to be seen, but Book of Meow has still exploded right out of the gates.

The token only launched on Raydium yesterday, yet it has already skyrocketed 315%.

Over 10,000 traders now hold BOMEOW, which recorded $36 million in trading volume in its first 24 hours of existence.

Ultimately, cat in a dogs world and Book of Meow are the latest examples of how rapidly meme coins can capture investors’ attention.

Is SLOTH Token the Next Meme Coin to Capitalize on Animal Mania?

While cats have been the stars of this week’s meme coin market narrative, the spotlight might soon shift to a different area of the animal kingdom.

As dog-themed tokens fade from their former viral highs, alternative creatures are beginning to gain traction.

Just two weeks ago, it was the sloth-themed SLERF (SLERF) that turned heads.

Now, Slothana is aiming for the same viral stardom, positioning itself as the go-to option for those looking to escape the 9-5 grind.

Like those before it, SLOTH has zero utility beyond pure speculation.

Yet this hasn’t stopped the SLOTH presale from raising over $7.7 million in just ten days as hype builds ahead of the first exchange listings.

Slothana has also built a following of over 10,500 people on Twitter – a community that will likely spread the word post-listing.

Even popular influencer Crypto Aman, with 62,000 followers, has given the project a shout-out.

Taking all these factors together, the stage looks set for Slothana to potentially be the next Solana-based meme token to explode in April.

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