Chainlink Tops Real-World Crypto Assets With the Most Development Again

Chainlink Network

Chainlink (LINK), the native token of the decentralized blockchain oracle network built on Ethereum, has emerged once more as the top real-world asset with the most development activity in the last 30 days.

According to a tweet by Santiment, LINK is followed by Synthetix (SNX), Centrifuge (CFG), and Oraichain (ORAI).

Top RWAs With the Most Development

Real-world assets are cryptocurrencies that represent physical assets like properties and objects. Like other crypto assets, they run on smart contracts and blockchains and have been gaining popularity recently, with a market capitalization running into billions of dollars.

Santiment determines which real-world assets are seeing significant developer activity by pulling their projects’ GitHub data from repositories through a back-tested process to ensure only the teams’ efforts to innovate and improve are included. The on-chain analytics firm compiles the list of the top ten most developed projects by counting their non-redundant GitHub activity and averaging their daily data over the last 30 days.

Through the methodology, Santiment found that LINK was the most developed real-world asset in the crypto sector. The cryptocurrency also topped the list for April, producing 2.49x more daily activity than Synthetix, which came second place at the time. In May, Chainlink recorded a developer activity of 428.83, roughly 45 points up from its April activity of 383.03.

LINK to See Higher Rally

It is worth noting that SNX and CFG maintained their second and third places on the list after LINK, with GitHub activities that spiked significantly, indicating rising interest in the projects. Oraichain surpassed Dusk Foundation and took fourth place, while the latter fell to fifth.

Santiment noted that MakerDAO and Polymesh also emerged as notable risers, climbing up two positions. On the other hand, IX Swap fell to the eighth position as MakerDAO surpassed it. Projects like Defactor appeared on the list while Creditcoin left.

Chainlink’s sustained development activity coincides with LINK’s 25% rally in the past month and analysts’ belief that the digital asset could keep rising in the coming months. The predictions are substantiated by the rise in LINK whale activity, daily transaction volume, and major partnerships with heavyweight traditional finance firms.

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