Everything to Know About the (Imminent) Snoopy MoonSwatch

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OK, get to the important stuff: When can I buy this thing??

There are two current theories.

Gimme the first.

This one I find less likely, but there’s solid evidence behind it. Most of the limited-edition MoonSwatch releases have centered around the start of a new moon phase. The next new moon just happens to be April 8, the first day of Watches & Wonders 2024. Swatch and Omega notably don’t participate in the industry’s biggest trade show, but they certainly wouldn’t mind stealing some of its thunder. The original MoonSwatches debuted in March 2022, just before that year’s iteration of the fair, and I remember them being one of the most exciting watches to spot on the ground.

What’s the other theory?

I believe the Snoopy MoonSwatch will release next week on March 26. There’s more red string headed this direction. The first is Snoopy carrying a birthday cake, which seems to nod to the anniversary of the MoonSwatch’s original release, March 26, 2022. The second piece of evidence pointing in this direction is a print advertisement making the rounds that shows a paw print on the moon and the date “26.3.2024.” Although, there’s no branding on the ad besides a Peanuts copyright, this isn’t a particularly inscrutable tea leaf..

Why a Snoopy MoonSwatch, anyway?

Snoopy is a beloved character who already stars on plenty of timepieces. However, there’s an even greater connection to the cartoon pooch for Omega. The Speedmaster’s biggest claim to fame, of course, is that it’s the watch certified by NASA for space-bound astronauts. And one of the most prestigious awards an astronaut can win is NASA’s Silver Snoopy Award, given to those who display “professionalism, dedication and outstanding support that greatly enhanced space flight safety and mission success.” That makes this a fitting tie-in for what is one of the most anticipated pieces of 2024.

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