February 2024 Tarotscopes: Tarot Horoscopes for Every Zodiac Sign

Welcome to your monthly tarotscopes, celestial babe! The entire year of 2024 is full of powerful transits, and these notable shifts start us off for an exciting and transformative January! Below we have horoscopes for each of the 12 zodiac signs with a unique tarot card pulled to predict the month for every member of the zodiac. Be sure to read for both your sun and rising sign for the most accurate reading!

February is a month full of transformative and exciting transits. We start this month with the sun still sitting in eccentric and authentic Aquarius, encouraging us all to be more of our true selves. Within the first few days of February, Mercury (the planet of communication, travel, and technology) enters Aquarius on the 5th. This will help us to tap into our inner voice and start connecting with people in a new and more innovative way. Just a few days later on the 9th, we have a New Moon (also in the sign of Aquarius) that invites us to think outside of the box when it comes to the life that we desire and the purpose we fill our lives with. How much of what you want is influenced by what society tells you to want?

On the 13th, passionate action planet Mars enters Aquarius and invites us to take steps forward in a new and profound way. Invite yourself to step out of monotony and do things in a way you’ve never done before. When the 16th arrives, Venus (the planet of love, beauty, and desire) enters Aquarius making the tally of five planets in Aquarius at the mid-way point of the month (sun, Pluto, Mercury, Mars, and Venus). With all of this air energy influencing what we want, see, and feel, it’s important to ground yourself during this time. Focusing on meditation, journaling, spending time in nature, getting off of your phone or social media for a while, and resting are all great compliments to this month’s celestial force.

As February progresses, we have Venus (the planet of love, sex, beauty, and money) conjunct outer planet Pluto, both in the sign of Aquarius. This will bring a big shake-up in our closest relationships and where we feel like we fit in out in the world. The very next day on the 18th, the sun shifts into dreamy Pisces and marks the beginning of Pisces season! This is sure to bring emotions up to the surface and release us all from the aloofness that occurs when Aquarius season asks us to think about the bigger picture and Pisces likes to get into the minute-by-minute changes and feelings. We end the month with Mercury (the planet of communication) shifting into Pisces on the 23rd and a Full Moon in earthly Virgo on the 24th. This month, ask yourself: “How can I connect more deeply with the people around me while letting go of judgment towards others *and* myself?”.

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