Gigi Hadid Signs Off on the Flicked Bob As the High Fashion Chop of Spring 2024

Gigi Hadid knows all about how to create a fashion moment. As a model, she’s familiar with the archives of supers who have come before her—and she’s become muse to some of the most iconic trends of her own. But, one thing we know about fashion: it’s cyclical, so if you know how to put your stamp on a throwback look for its second and third time around the fashion hamster wheel, you’re onto something.

After debuting a brand new bob that was freshly chopped in over Oscars weekend, Hadid’s had time to settle into her new hairstyle and make the cut her own. And on March 14, she served up the most fashion take on a flicked bob we’ve ever seen.

Worn side-flipped, smooth and immaculately neat, Hadid kept the ends softly flipped and paired it with a monochrome outfit—complete with matrix sunglasses, a black knitted sweater layered under a black pinstripe blazer, black leggings, black loafers and white varsity socks.

Gigi Hadid is seen on March 14, 2024 in New York City.

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The trend felt miles away from its last big outing in the early aughts, when it was super layered and paired with butterfly clips, handkerchief tops and color-tint sunglasses (and was a go-to for celebs like Hilary Duff, Gabrielle Union, and Drew Barrymore). Likewise, it headed in a different direction from its ’60s heyday—when the flicked bob became a signature for the likes of Jackie Kennedy and Diana Ross and was worn alongside shift dresses and tailored sets. Instead, Gigi’s look feels more nineties-inspired.

“Gigi has brought another adaptation of the bob back with alook that feels more ‘90s supermodel inspired,” says top London hair stylist, Hollie Rose Clarke. “Yasmeen Ghauri’s ’90s bob is a fantastic reference for more undone take on the flicked bob,” Hollie says. “This style will do all the hard work for you and your hair stylist can adapt your layers to encourage the flick with next to no styling effort from you,” she explains.

As for styling, “a very easy way to achieve a look like Gigi Hadid at home if you already have a bob, is to blow dry your hair smooth with a smoothing product like ColorWow Dream Coat or Virtue Labs Unfrizz Cream,” says Clarke. “Next, reach for your straighteners and smooth your hair as if you were just trying to achieve a straight finish. Then, as you get to the last one to two inches of the baseline of your bob, flick the irons out away from the face. Allow the hair to cool before brushing out and finishing with a strong hold hairspray,” she adds.

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