Here's Why Now's Not the Best Time to Buy Summer Clothes for Your Kids at Costco

Although many people primarily use Costco as a source of low-cost groceries and household essentials, the warehouse club giant sells a host of products, from electronics to toys to bedding. You may even decide to stock up on children’s clothing at Costco due to the great deals it offers.

Meanwhile, as summer approaches, you may be eager to load up on things like shorts, swimwear, and more for your kids. Right now, Costco has a number of great deals going on kids’ clothing, including:

  • A Lands’ End two-piece swim bottom and rash guard set for $14.99
  • A Speedo one-piece swimsuit for $14.99
  • A Pekkle Kids four-pack of shorts for $16.99
  • A two-pack of Adidas youth t-shirts for $21.99

But while you may be inclined to buy your summer clothing now, waiting could pay off big time. Here’s why.

You may pay a lot less after the season

As is the case with many retail establishments, at Costco, you can often save money on apparel by buying it after the season it’s meant for has passed. So if you wait until later in the summer or the very beginning of fall to buy summer clothing for your kids at Costco (or elsewhere), you may find it marked down considerably.

Of course, you may be thinking, “But if I wait until after the summer to buy clothes for my kids, they won’t have enough stuff in the coming weeks.” And that’s valid. But there may be ways to get your hands on the items you need for the upcoming summer without to breaking the bank.

How to stock up for summer affordably

The frustrating thing about spending money on kids’ clothing is that they tend to outgrow it fairly quickly. It’s one thing to invest in a quality pair of jeans that might last you, as an adult, a good number of years. It’s another thing to plunk down $25 for a pair of kids’ jeans that may not even last nine months before your child requires the next size up.

That’s why you may want to limit what you spend on clothing for your kids. But if you need more items for the coming summer, here are some low-cost (or free) ways to get them.

  • Shop at secondhand stores or thrift shops. Many of the items you’ll find in these stores are perfectly good quality and stain-free.
  • Ask friends and neighbors for hand-me-downs, or post on your town’s social media page and see if any local parents have items in your kids’ sizes they’re looking to clear out.
  • Convert outgrown pants to shorts. If you’re handy and have access to a sewing machine, this is a great way to salvage pants your child can’t wear anymore anyway.

The cost of clothing for kids can eat into your budget even if you’re buying it from an inexpensive retailer like Costco. So it’s best to do what you can to save as much as possible.

If you do decide to buy summer clothing at Costco in the coming weeks, aim to make your purchases at a store rather than online. You’ll often get a lower price when you shop in person.

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