How Julius Michael Became the Go-to ‘Real Housewives’ Hairstylist

Though he was familiar with the Housewives, Michael didn’t know Judge. However, he says, “She was known for having bad hair.” She booked him for an appearance on WWHL, and he took the opportunity to transform her look with a custom set of hair extensions. It paid off: “People were going crazy on Twitter,” he says of her makeover.

Things snowballed from there. “Kathy [Wakile] had seen Tamra’s hair, and she had just done her first season of [The Real Housewives of New Jersey],” he says. “Jersey was the one show I watched. It was the most relatable for me.”

Before long, practically every Housewife in the tristate area was requesting Michael on set. Then Judge flew him to LA to do her hair for one of the famous Summer by Bravo commercials, where he met Beverly Hills Housewife Kyle Richards.

“Every time Kyle would come to New York, I’d work with her,” he says. And yes, he’s responsible for one of her biggest transformations ever: “I cut Kyle Richards’s hair off—we did a real lob on her.”

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Beverly Hills today, Miami tomorrow: Scrolling through Michael’s Instagram, it’s clear that he really is the Andy Cohen of hair, up close and personal with different Bravo-lebs day to day, or even hour to hour.

“My schedule’s crazy,” the stylist, who is also brand ambassador for Voloom, says. “I literally work two full-time jobs, between being in the salon four days a week and then I’m on set as much as I can be.” He works around WWHL tapings and reunions, though nonstop days aren’t uncommon. “Sometimes I go into the city at 6 a.m. for press, then I go into the salon, then I go back to do Watch What Happens,” he says.

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