Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) Unveils New Roadmap for Decentralized AI and Chain Interoperability


Decentralized blockchain network Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) has released a new roadmap for driving decentralized artificial intelligence (DeAI) and chain fusion in the web3 space.

According to an official statement sent to CryptoPotato, ICP is unveiling the Year 4 Internet Computer Roadmap to celebrate the third anniversary of its mainnet launch.

ICP Releases New Roadmap

The new roadmap summarizes three years of progress on ICP’s mainnet and outlines major development areas to position the network as the home of DeAI and the orchestration layer for the blockchain industry. Although the new roadmap outlines several focal areas, the biggest highlights are DeAI and chain fusion.

The DeAI roadmap describes a path where AI models would be trained to run on-chain, moving them beyond black boxes that offer users no visibility on how their data is being used. ICP’s AI smart contracts would be designed to optimize inference engines, boosting AI consistency, reliability, and responses.

ICP looks to achieve several long-term goals and introduce first-of-its-kind use cases through these new AI models. Some of them include ready-trained AI models traded as non-fungible tokens, AI smart contracts that verify the code of Ethereum smart contracts, and web3 communities that control AI models through decentralized autonomous organizations.

Dominic Williams, chief scientist and founder of Dfinity Foundation, the builder and main contributor to ICP, said:

“The Internet Computer is the first and only Third-Generation public blockchain. The mission is to drive a ‘blockchain singularity,’ where, over time, fully decentralized blockchains become the world’s prevailing tech stack, even running secure and unstoppable AI.”

Dealing With Liquidity Fragmentation

Furthermore, ICP’s chain fusion roadmap aims to facilitate direct interoperability with major blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and Ethereum Virtual Machines without intermediaries.

The chain fusion would solve the fragmentation of liquidity and tackle tribalism in the blockchain space, with ICP’s smart contracts enabling developers to create contracts spanning multiple chains by reading from and writing to them.

“The DFINITY Foundation and its eminent team of cryptographers, research scientists, and engineers is now pushing ahead with a new roadmap, crafting contributions that will make the network faster, more efficient, and more powerful than ever before,” added Williams.

Meanwhile, ICP boasts of having witnessed no downtimes since its mainnet launch in May 2021. The network has processed more than three billion blocks and accumulated over $3 billion in total locked value.

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