Jennifer Lopez Declares Dirt Girl Summer in Some Very Baggy Denim

Clean girl aesthetic, who? On April 26, Jennifer Lopez declared dirt girl summer in yet another pair of baggy denim.

In new paparazzi photos, the 54-year-old entertainer could be seen traipsing around New York City in a slouchy oatmeal sweater and a pair of Acne Studio’s super baggy fit jeans, which retail for $750. You know how all the rich teens of the 2010s would buy pre-ripped jeans to achieve the same look skater kids created with razors and scissors (or by repeatedly falling off their boards and skimming their knees)? Well, I’m not sure if J.Lo is attempting to look like she rode to Manhattan on a dirt bike, but her Acne jeans are definitely designed to appear as if they’ve literally been dragged through the mud.

Lopez further emphasized her (kinda sorta) down-to-earth fit by pairing her dirtwashed denim with what seem to be R13’s Double Stack Lace-Up Boots, though she should have bashed her Birkin against the pavement a few times for good measure. We all know the chicest luxury bags are the ones that have been used to death. Just ask the Olsen twins.

Jennifer Lopez is seen on April 26, 2024 in New York City.


While these faux dirty jeans may seem off-brand for Jennifer Lopez—who typically favors more glitzy, polished looks—her spring 2024 wardrobe has been filled to the brim with oversized denim, which she has taken to pairing with a turtleneck and boots. Just the day before, she styled her baggiest jeans using this exact formula.

Jennifer Lopez is seen on April 25, 2024 in New York City.


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