Katie Holmes Twins With Mini-Me Daughter Suri Cruise in Baggy '90s Denim

Just when we thought Katie Holmes fashion fever might have peaked with *that* viral Khaite “bra-digan” moment, in came her 18-year-old daughter, Suri Cruise, to introduce us to a whole new side to her mother’s style.

Welcoming a brand new chapter of Katie Holmes wardrobe envy, there have been a number of adorable twinning mother-daughter moments over recent weeks—but this week’s might be our favorite so far.

Never cliché, this sartorially savvy duo have truly nailed the art of complementary dressing. Taking cues from one another’s look without—crucially—ever mimicking or outshining the other, the pair were spotted out in New York on Thursday, May 16, in baggy ’90s indigo denim and sand tones.


While Holmes paired her wide-leg bell-bottom jeans with a soft beige turtleneck knit and relaxed trench coat, matching her skinny black sunglasses to her waist belt and loafers, Suri’s look has an appropriately more youthful, street style feel.

A double denim moment no doubt being pinned to several mood boards as we speak, the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise paired her wide-leg jeans with an oversized denim jacket with deep statement pockets. While this outfit may look perfectly casual, it’s details like the perfectly-matching denim tones and the clever synergy of the jacket’s tan collar and Birkenstock Boston clogs that tell you there’s nothing “thrown-together” about Suri’s wardrobe.

Although, with Katie Holmes as your main source of style inspo over your lifetime, we’d expect nothing less.

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