Kesha Wore a Black String Bikini While Calling Out Body-Shamers

As we know, body shamers are the scum of the earth and deserve to rot in Hades for eternity (or unlearn their projected self-hatred, whichever comes first). But for Kesha, they’re also a source of motivation, and even a kind of pride.

The singer, who is back to making music as an independent artist following a drawn-out battle to get out of her record contract with her alleged abuser, took to Instagram to brush off negativity. “i didn’t think in 2024 people still body shamed but. i am so proud of my body. she’s been through a lot. she’s torn her acl on stage and finished the show. she’s held my fucking broken heart together,” she wrote alongside two pictures of herself looking healthy, happy and confident in a black string bikini.

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“to those who think you’re shaming me, you’re actually making me feel very powerful. so, to you, i hope you one day feel whole enough to not tear other women down. in the mean time, hate me harder bitch:) 💪🏻,” she added. In the meantime, Kesha, we love you! And her fans do, too. “Be proud. You’re beautiful. The people hating are the ones hiding behind and anonymous photo and living in a basement while you’re out here thriving. 🫶🏼♥️” wrote one inspired follower.

“Hate Me Harder” is also the name of one of Kesha’s songs, an anthem all about the pointless negativity she’s received in her career, especially related to her appearance.

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