Love Is Blind's Chelsea Says Jimmy Is 'Bugging' Her: 'He Doesn't Want Me to Speak on My Story'

Chelsea Blackwell thinks Jimmy Presnell feels “guilty” about the way things went down on Love Is Blind season 6—even if he won’t say it out loud.

“He’s just really been there for me, he’s been my rock. He’s been very supportive,” Chelsea insists of their post-show friendship. “Only him and I, at the end of the day, know what went on in our relationship. I think that he knows that he did me pretty dirty during our relationship, and I think there’s a piece of him—that he won’t admit to—that feels guilty.”

Chelsea undoubtably bore the blame for their on-screen implosion, even as more information has to come to light suggesting that Jimmy’s “edit” left out some important details that may have contributed to her insecurities on the show. Earlier this week, Jimmy admitted to lying to Chelsea on FaceTime about going out while they were still living together in the townhouses, telling The Viall Files hosts that he was “pretty mentally checked out” after their big blowout fight over his past sexual relationship with one of his friends.

Even so, Jimmy appeared unwilling to take any accountability for his actions leading up to that fight that may have validated Chelsea’s feelings, despite multiple nudges from host Nick Viall.

“He is bugging me right now,” Chelsea admitted to Glamour over the phone on March 19—just one day after filming The Viall Files. “Because he doesn’t want me to speak on my story.”

And while Chelsea says she does not want Jimmy to face her level of online hate (“It’s dark over here”), she’s not going to stop speaking her truth.

For Glamour, she opens up about recent revelations, her current dating life, and the aftermath of that infamous Jet Ski scene between Sarah Ann and Jeramey that we didn’t get to see.

Glamour: Hi again! How are you doing?

Chelsea Blackwell: So good. I’m just living my life now that things are out there. It’s kind of nice to just move on right now. I’m enjoying it.

When did you and Jimmy film The Viall Files?

That was yesterday.

Oh, wow! They turned it around fast. I guess I don’t have to ask if you and Jimmy are back together, then.

No, we are just friends. I’ll reiterate that we are definitely in a great spot as friends and he’s just been really, really wonderful navigating this journey with.

Can you expand on the ways Jimmy has supported you since the show has dropped?

So, we didn’t talk for six months or so. We ran into each other in Charlotte, and I did not like him at all. And he begged me to go get coffee with him, and kind of just talk about what we went through and the show—let’s just kind of squash this and, you know, have this relationship.

So, we met up for coffee, we hung out for five hours and we really just talked about what happened between us. I was really preparing him for the absolute worst and he was preparing himself for to be portrayed this certain type of way. And lo and behold, it was completely roles reversed and I ended up being the one who needed the support. And so, he’s just really been there for me, he’s been my rock. He’s been very supportive.

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