Ryan Gosling Made Taylor Swift's ‘All Too Well’ a Ken Song on SNL, Sparking Violence From Emily Blunt

Ryan Gosling’s triumphant return to Saturday Night Live had a little something for everyone, especially Barbie fans and Swifties. Well, mostly everyone.

Since his Oscars performance of “I’m Just Ken,” Gosling fans have craved another musical moment from the 43-year-old actor. On April 13, SNL delivered. During his third hosting gig, Gosling broke up with his Barbie character with a Ken-ified version of Taylor Swift’s heartbreak ballad “All Too Well.”

“I’m here because of my new movie The Fall Guy. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna make any jokes about Ken because it’s not funny,” he said in his opening monologue. “Ken and I, we got to break up. We went too deep. So I’m not going to talk about it. I actually am going to talk about a little bit.” According to Gosling, he’s processing the split the only way he can: “With the music of the great Taylor Swift.”

Gosling’s rendition of “All Too Well” masterfully reimagined the song to reminisce about his character, replacing the famed lyrics about Swift’s red scarf with an ode to Ken’s big fur coat. “I left my roller blades in that big pink house, but I’ve still got that fur coat and I’ll wear it right now,” Gosling sang at the piano before putting on the coat in question.

This did not sit right with Oppenheimer star Emily Blunt, who interrupted Gosling’s performance multiple times to remind the actor that he was there to hype up their new movie—eventually having to resort to violence to try to stop Gosling from breaking out into song. It didn’t work, though it was perfect promo for their stunt man action comedy.

You can watch Gosling’s monologue here:

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