Some Traders Think Dogeverse Could Be the Next Meme Coin to Explode as Pepe & Floki Pump

Meme coin mania is in full swing, with Pepe (PEPE) and Floki (FLOKI) being two of the hottest cryptocurrencies at the moment.

However, traders are already looking for the next potential moonshot, and many see the new Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE) token as a prime contender.

Pepe & Floki Lead the Meme Coin Market Surge

PEPE and FLOKI are leading the way in the meme coin market today.

Frog-themed PEPE has been surging and is now up over 35% in the past seven days.

Earlier today, PEPE even hit a new all-time high of $0.0000115 before pulling back to its current price of $0.0000106.

Speculative demand has been off the charts – spot trading volumes for PEPE have topped $3.1 billion in the past 24 hours.

That makes PEPE the 6th most traded crypto in the world right now, outpacing Solana (SOL) and Binance Coin (BNB).

Not to be outdone, FLOKI has been pumping, too.

FLOKI is up 30% this week and 10% on the day to trade at $0.000219.

While still 37% shy of its 2021 record high, FLOKI’s spot volumes have surged 70% to nearly $1 billion as meme traders go full “degen” mode.

Unsurprisingly, the spark for this latest craze is the comeback of Keith Gill’s “Roaring Kitty” persona on Twitter.

His return seems to have reignited the meme stock mania of 2021 – and it looks like that hype is spilling over to meme coins.

New Meme Coin Dogeverse Offers Multi-Chain Interoperability

While PEPE and FLOKI soar, many traders are set on Dogeverse as the next meme coin to go viral.

This new coin is focused on multi-chain interoperability and will launch on six different blockchains, including Ethereum, Solana, and Base.

To illustrate its capabilities, imagine being able to move DOGEVERSE tokens between all those chains in just a few clicks.

This is possible through Dogeverse’s advanced tech – meaning investors can take advantage of DeFi opportunities on Ethereum or get involved in the Solana ecosystem as they please.

The technology in question is Wormhole and Portal Bridge.

Using these two protocols, traders have the flexibility to “bridge” their tokens to different networks with minimal fees.

If that wasn’t enough, Dogeverse’s team is also launching a complementary staking protocol.

At the time of writing, yields are set at 57% per year – and over 28.1 billion DOGEVERSE tokens have been pledged already.

Ultimately, by combining multi-chain interoperability with passive income potential, Dogeverse is positioning itself as an option for serious DeFi investors and meme coin lovers alike.

Dogeverse Presale Raises $15M Ahead of Major DEX Launch

That free-flowing cross-chain movement concept has resonated with investors.

Dogeverse’s ongoing presale has now raised an impressive $15 million war chest – all ahead of the token’s DEX debut.

But the real litmus test of whether Dogeverse can replicate (or surpass) the pumps of PEPE and FLOKI is yet to come.

The team’s roadmap outlines plans to launch marketing campaigns and community incentives, along with obtaining CEX listings in the future.

However, if DOGEVERSE can pull off a successful listing on a major DEX in the next few weeks, it could really put the project on the map.

The team at 99Bitcoins seems to think so, declaring that the token could “rocket on launch” in a video to their 700,000+ subscribers.

Dogeverse was also referenced by the Cryptonews YouTube channel earlier this week.

This kind of exposure is invaluable and has brought the project to the attention of a wider audience.

Whether Dogeverse can live up to these lofty expectations remains to be seen, but for now, the buzz is undeniable.

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