Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas: A Complete Divorce Timeline

He also says that he asked permission to post the photos of Turner at the bar, and her team said yes. “Then two days later it gets about that she’s getting a divorce,” he says.

“The annoying thing for me is obviously [her team] would’ve known that she was getting a divorce,” he continues. “Just because it wasn’t publicized, they would’ve known what was going on. I kind of feel a little let down that we then posted the photos…and then were told that we have to take them down because of what was going on.”

As for her carefree demeanor in the photos, Stephenson says that she was simply obliging his requests to smile and pose for the cameras, and that, while she did enjoy some drinks with her colleagues, “she wasn’t getting smashed.”

“She had maybe a couple of drinks. That mojito,” he said, referencing the drink in her hand in one of the photos, “she had probably like two of them, if that. We had a couple of shots together and then they left at two o’clock. She wasn’t paralytic, she wasn’t sitting there drowning in sorrows, forgetting children or anything like that. She was just finishing work and going home.”

“And for her to be painted like she’s some kind of terrible parent,” he added, shaking his head. “I can’t comment on that because I don’t know her lifestyle, I don’t know her like that. But what I do know is when I did meet her, she was very down-to-earth, very lovely, very approachable, very nice, and I feel very sorry that all this has come about from photos that I’ve posted.”

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September 9, 2023: Joe Jonas makes his first solo public statement to fans during the Jonas Brothers concert at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. “It’s been a tough week. I just wanna say, look, if you don’t hear it from these lips, don’t believe it,” he told the crowd, per fan recordings. “Okay? Thank you everyone for your love and support. Me and my family love you guys.”

After his speech, Jonas appeared to shed a tear as he performed “Hesitate,” according to one fan video.

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September 12, 2023: Turner is spotted back at work filming the upcoming series Joan in Spain for the first time since the news dropped, and she was rocking a totally new look. For the character, she wears a blonde bob and a massive back tattoo, both of which you can see here. (Actors in Europe are not on strike; she’s not a scab!) As the outlet notes, Turner, who was photographed while taking a cigarette break, holds her phone, which has a Toy Story case on it. She and Joe got Buzz Lightyear tattoos together. My heart!

September 18, 2023: Turner and Jonas have lunch with their daughters in New York City.

September 20, 2023: Turner is spotted having dinner with Taylor Swift in NYC. Swift briefly dated Jonas in 2008 until he broke up with her over voicemail.

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