The longest-range electric cars you can buy today

longest range electric cars

Some of the cheapest EVs can crack 200 miles now – but the best can do double that

Early electric cars couldn’t go all that far on a single charge, and the options for topping up their batteries were often limited to draping a three-pin plug out of a kitchen window. But thanks to a decade and a half of battery and motor development, the longest-range electric cars will now match their petrol counterparts for how far they’ll go on a ‘tank’.

The first Nissan Leaf, for example, was an electric car primarily bought by early adopters. It had a 100-mile range and took eight hours to charge from a home socket. 

Indeed, some of the cheapest electric cars currently on sale will easily deliver double the range of the original Leaf, and with much faster charging options to boot.

In fact, most entries have cracked the 400-mile barrier, and the longest-range electric car on sale in the UK is a Mercedes EQS capable of 442 miles.

The figures we quote here are from the official WLTP testing routine. In real-world use, it’s unlikely that any of these cars will hit these promised figures consistently – although you might get close if you’re feather-footed and a keen hypermiler. 

Let’s cut to the chase. Which cars offer the longest range? Read our top 10 list below to find out. 

The longest-range electric cars

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