This Hair Tuck Hack Is the Easiest Way to Elevate a Simple Style

By now, we’ve probably all come across the hair tuck hack: a simple case of slipping hair behind the ear to keep it tucked out the way. Most of us will have done it subconsciously to free our faces of flyaways and frizz, but lots of us will have done it for fashun, too, because slicked back, polished hair is having a whole moment.

Smoothing those sides down adds sophistication and an extra stylish detail to hair that’s been left loose, much like rolling up a shirt sleeve, or carefully tucking a button-up shirt into jeans (it’s a whole art form). It’s a trick that’s been used by celebs and influencers for years and can be used to help show off show-stopping earrings, too.

That said, it turns out there’s more to it than simply chucking your hair behind your ears, assuming you really want the style to last the distance. In fact, one hair tuck hack posted on TikTok recently raked in over 7.6 million views and more than half a million likes after its creator, Sabrina Anne, showed viewers how to lock that sucker into place.

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The braid hack

“For all the girlies tucking your hair behind your ears… this hair hack is a game-changer,” Anne wrote over the opening clip of her video. She showed how she partitions the front face-framing section of her hair that she would normally tuck, and brings it away from the rest of her hair. Then she braids it from about temple height down to the ends, before securing both braids under her chin with an elastic band. She separates the top half of her hair at the crown of her head into a ponytail, then slips the braids over the top.

Once she lets the ponytail loose, the braids are covered, and only a small section of the braid is visible as an extra lil detail that people in the comments are likening to Lauren Conrad’s iconic 2000s-inspired headband braid.

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