Top 10 best electric company cars

5. Mini Countryman Electric E Exclusive


BIK rate: 2%
Monthly BIK tax at 20%: £15
Monthly BIK at 40%: £30

The days of a Mini being, well, mini are long gone. The all-new three-door model has grown in size and stature, white the roughty-toughty Countryman has now swelled to a full-sized family car offering.

The larger exterior means more space inside for both people and luggage, while the quirky circular infotainment screen adds some fun to the otherwise upmarket vibe. We’ve sampled only the twin-motor SE All4, which offsets its extra 300kg over the ICE version with 309bhp of muscle and 269 miles of range.

Despite the extra mass, the Countryman feels remarkably quick-witted, with direct steering and decent agility. And despite some low-speed stiffness, it soaks up bumps well, adding to an overall air of grown-up refinement. Lower-rate earner will face a yearly tax bill of just £199 for the All4, but we’d be tempted by the £5000 price saving, 287-mile range and £178 BIK bill for the two-wheel-drive E.

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