Top 10 best small SUVs 2024

4. Kia Sportage


Given that the Sportage has been such a big sales hit for Kia in what is normally a corner of the market with more conservative taste, it’s a bit of a shock to see that went for a bold design with the fifth-generation car. Yet given the numbers on the road, it’s clear that buyers aren’t being put off by the, ahem, distinctive looks.

The truth is that behind the challenging exterior is an SUV offering much the same as before but in a more refined, grown-up and tech-laden package. It’s not quite as spacious as the best, but there’s enough room for most family needs, plus there’s a wide range of engines, from mild-hybrid petrols and diesels through to a BIK tax-busting plug-in hybrid.

It also comes loaded with standard kit, can be easily connected to your smartphone and, of course, is backed by Kia’s market-leading seven-year warranty.

To drive, the Sportage is something of a mixed bag. The handling is safe and predictable, but it’s fairly inert when you’re pressing on, while poorly surfaced roads quickly upset its composure. It’s reasonably refined but doesn’t ride as well as many rivals, jostling occupants over even smaller bumps. Experience suggests that opting for the smaller 17in wheels improves matters, but only a little.

Overall, the Sportage is a smart, well-equipped and hassle-free family SUV, but those wanting a little emotional uplift should look elsewhere.

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