Top 5 Side Hustles for Pet Lovers — Earn Up to $43 Per Hour

People are spending more money than ever before on pet care, pet products, and pet insurance — and that means there are some great opportunities for pet lovers to start side hustles.

Do you love taking care of dogs and cats? People will pay you to help. “People” means “me.” My family has a dog, and I will happily pay extra for good help dealing with my dog’s various issues — grooming, training, dog walking, dog sitting…I love our dog, but he’s kind of a mess.

Anyway, enough about my dog! The point is: If you’re up for spending some extra time and TLC with other people’s pets, grateful pet owners will spend money on your side hustle services.

Here are a few of the best side hustles for pet lovers — and how much you can make per hour.

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1. Dog walker ($43 per hour)

Walking the dog is a necessary and often enjoyable part of everyday life, but people don’t always have time to do it themselves — and some dogs need more walks than one person can reasonably provide. That’s where dog walkers come in.

Starting a side hustle as a dog walker can be a fun, flexible way to get exercise, meet new furry friends, and earn extra cash.

April 2024 research from Preply, an online tutoring platform, found that dog walkers can earn an average of $43 per hour. That hourly rate seems to be on the high end, because I’ve seen a lot of dog walkers on Rover ( in my city who charge a lot less — as little as $13 per walk.

But if you can build up a reputation as a reliable, professional dog walker, and find loyal clients who are willing to pay extra, $43 per hour (or more) might be doable. Dog walkers might make the best rates in big cities where time-starved, affluent professionals spare no expense for the best services for their pets.

2. In-home pet care ($17 per hour)

Being a dog walker is not the only way to make money caring for pets. In-home pet care and pet sitting, whether it’s doggy daycare or overnight cat sitting, can be a great way to earn money. This side hustle also provides a valuable service so pet parents can take a much-needed vacation.

Survey data from shows that the average hourly rate for pet sitters is $17 per hour.

But if you start a side hustle as a pet sitter, you can create your own package of services and charge whatever you and your clients agree to — for example, you might charge more for overnight pet sitting, or offer a bulk discount for a week of pet care combined with housesitting.

3. Dog trainer ($17 per hour)

Do you have a knack for getting dogs to sit, stay, fetch, and roll over? Dog training has become a must-have for many families who want to improve their canine’s behavior and help their pet feel calmer, be a more harmonious part of the family, and blend in better in social situations.

You don’t need a state license or certification to be a dog trainer. But this side hustle could take more time to start than being a dog walker or pet sitter. You might want to set up a small business website to introduce yourself to potential clients and share your approach to dog training.

Dog trainers might also want to do social media marketing to share content about your dog training perspectives and techniques, so people can feel comfortable with you before they decide to hire you. says that dog trainers earn an average of $17 per hour. But just like with any side hustle or small business, you can command higher income if you can create stronger demand for your services.

4. Sniffspot host (up to $3,000 per month)

If you have a dog-friendly backyard or other property, check out Sniffspot ( It’s like Airbnb for dogs — Sniffspot lets you turn your yard or other land into a private dog park for short-term rentals.

Sniffspot says that some of its hosts can earn up to $3,000 per month — which could be doable if you book $100 of rentals per day, 30 days per month.

5. Dog groomer ($18 per hour)

If you love washing, trimming, and clipping dogs, you could start a side hustle as a dog groomer. Unlike human barbers and hair stylists, dog groomers do not need to have a license or certification to start a side hustle. But you might need to invest in some equipment, a space in your home (or mobile dog grooming accessories), and a small business website or other marketing costs. says that dog groomers earn an average of $18 per hour, but you can charge more if you choose — some pet owners will pay extra for dog groomers that make their pets look their best, and that are reliable, easy to work with, and gentle with the pets. Just like with any side hustle, it’s all about service and helping the client feel good about the deal.

Bottom line

There are several opportunities for pet lovers to earn extra cash by starting a side hustle. If you love to walk dogs, care for pets, give dogs a warm bath and a haircut, and otherwise make life happier for pets and their people, you can get some extra money in your bank account.

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