Wage interplanetary war in upcoming space strategy game 'Falling Frontier' (video)

If authentic outer space combat is your cup of tea, watch this new “Might of Mars” gameplay trailer for next year’s sci-fi simulation and strategy game, “Falling Frontier.”

This highly-anticipated PC-only release from Stutter Fox Studios and Hooded Horse invites astro-gamers to navigate a recently-discovered solar system where curious voyagers can construct their own frigates, destroyers, cruisers, and battlecruisers, raid enemy supply depots, launch probes, select command crews, stock up on ordnance, gather critical intel, deposit disruptive mines, commandeer orbiting stations and surprise enemy flotillas amid swirling nebulae and asteroid fields.

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spaceships launch from a rocky moon in front of a large reddish-orange planet

spaceships launch from a rocky moon in front of a large reddish-orange planet

Here’s the official synopsis:

“‘Falling Frontier’ is a revolutionary sci-fi RTS where ship design, recon, and logistics are critical elements. Your expeditionary force has just completed construction of its first space port in orbit of a new world, but you are not alone. Rivals from the old colonial wars between Earth, Titan, Venus, and the other lineages that divide humankind have also arrived in the same star system.

“Explore a vast procedurally generated star system filled with planets, moons, asteroid fields, and nebulae. Build and upgrade shipyards, supply depots, refineries, and recon stations as you research new technologies to unlock ship hulls, weapons, orbital facilities, colonization options and more.”

A spaceship hovers in front of an orange-red planet

A spaceship hovers in front of an orange-red planet


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For intense combat scenarios, “Falling Frontier” fuses intuitive control with deep mechanics, where errant shots can hit unintended targets to inflict collateral damage after ricocheting off hulls. Lighter spacecraft with increased maneuverability can easily take down bigger war vessels via stealthy ambush or tactical superiority.

Though initially expected to roll out this year, “Falling Frontier” has now been delayed for a worldwide launch sometime in 2025.

“Indie development is incredibly difficult, especially for small teams,” said Hooded Horse CEO Tim Bender in a late 2023 statement. “We’re so proud of what Todd and Stutter Fox Studios have achieved so far and are fully committed to ‘Falling Frontier.’ We can’t wait to show more of the game to fans, but we also want to make sure it has the time it needs to be done right.”

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