What Is ‘Maxton Hall’? Everything You Need to Know About the German Amazon Prime Video Series

Keep seeing clips about Maxton Hall, a German series now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, all over your TikTok feed and wondering what it’s about? You’re not alone.

But fans of the Save Me series by Mona Kasten already know: The popular book trilogy was adapted into the series for Amazon Prime Video. Officially titled Maxton Hall: The World Between Us, the series premiered on May 9 and is a love story between Ruby and James that’s a mixture of Pride and Prejudice, Gossip Girl, and Gilmore Girls. It’s also one for the BookTok girlies.

Here’s everything you need to know about Maxton Hall.

What is Maxton Hall on Amazon Prime Video about?

Ruby Bell has exactly one goal: to graduate from the private school Maxton Hall well enough to go to her dream university, Oxford. She came to Maxton Hall on a scholarship and doesn’t get on so well with the other private school students, who are all about partying and money. Her only friend, Lin, shares her ambition—but even she doesn’t fully understand Ruby.

Her family can’t quite understand her high ambitions, either. They are happy with everything Ruby does, but she sees herself as having a greater responsibility with her family, especially her father. He’s in a wheelchair and the family can’t afford a new stair lift, so he has to sleep on the sofa for the time being. So, alongside her school and activities, Ruby works to support her family.

Ruby and Lin stick together.

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Ruby knows that her rich classmates will never really understand her. That’s why she only wants to focus on herself and her studies at school. But then she finds out a secret that puts her on the radar of the king of the high school: millionaire heir James Beaufort. He thinks money can buy anything. But he hasn’t met Ruby yet….

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